Corporate Ethics

Raw Edge is a strong believer of Brand Equity & Brand Promotion which ensures that the Group philosophy on ethics, transparency and accountability be applied across the organisation in the conduct of day-to-day business.
Raw Edge is deeply committed to improving the lives of the people we serve, thereby bringing service to life. To create a culture of excellence around this commitment, we live by the following governing principles & Policies


Building trust and respect
By operating in a safe, socially responsible, consistent and ethical manner, we establish deep, long-term partnerships with customers that imbibes trust and enables them to look at us with confidence.
Fostering an entrepreneurial culture
We succeed by generating new ideas that deliver innovative customer solutions.
Excelling our people & Customers
We ensure that our people undergo continuous training, development and information-sharing, which enables us to excel.
Delivering on our promises
We only promise what we can deliver; and we deliver what we promise. With every step forward, we meet and exceed expectations.

Our policies

We have a broad set of various policies in place to guide us in our sustainability work. These group-wide policies complement our strong corporate values, which state that we want to act sustainably in everything we do.
Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct builds the basis of our efforts to make our supply chain more sustainable.
Code of Ethics
At Raw Edge, we make it a rule to act with integrity at all times. Our Code of Ethics outlines our requirements towards employees and suppliers.
Discrimination and Equality Policy
At Raw Edge all employees are of equal value, and this is clearly stated in this policy.
Diversity Policy
All employees at Raw Edge contribute to the company’s success. This is outlined in our group wide Diversity Policy.
Harassment Policy
All of Raw Edge employees are entitled to respectful treatment in the workplace. A respectful workplace is about more than compliance with the law.
Human Rights Policy
Raw Edge’s approach to human rights is based on the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of the UN and the recognition that while states have a duty to protect human rights, companies have a responsibility to respect the same.
Product Policy
Our Product Policy outlines our product responsibility in regards to our customers, animal welfare and biodiversity.

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