Our Role

Business Model

At Raw Edge, our focus is on organizing the unorganized industrial raw material sector. The basis of our business model finds its origin in the way the organized retail sector emerged to overcome the inefficiencies of the unorganized retail sector.

We follow a cluster based approach, where we identify concentration of customers around a particular location through our research & mapping activities and try & establish facilities at that point, to serve the customers in flawless manner.

Current Scenario

Currently, India is witnessing a huge industrialization phase and there are huge capacity expansions and growth in every major sector. Globalization, fierce competition and pressure on costs are prompting manufacturers to re-engineer their longstanding supply chains and raw material sourcing.

When it comes to mineral based industries like iron & steel, aluminium, etc., transportation costs dominate the raw material costs. At Rs. 3,00,000 crore (12% of India’s GDP), Logistics Industry (3PL) in India is plagued by presence of marginal truck operators (98% of transport service providers own less than 20 trucks), who with their inherent inefficiencies and incapability to invest in IT infrastructure have rendered huge potholes in the supply chains

Solution Provided by Us

Considering the above inefficiencies we carry out PAN India mapping of all the raw materials and mapping of the customers requiring the same. Then after we work out the most cost efficient logistics available in the supply chain. We also make use of the highly integrated IT Infrastructure for timely delivery and least cost in the supply chain management. These together gives us a highly competitive edge over the marginal truck operators, which in turn is being leveraged for the better serviceability of the customers.

Consolidation Services

We, at Raw Edge Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd., have a big network of bulkers, dumpers & transporters. Time to time we leverage our strength of network & provide consolidation services to various clients.

We make bulk deals with big corporates & avail handsome quantity discounts which is then passed on to our clients by charging a nominal consolidation fees from them.

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