Gypsum Plaster

When a wall is constructed with brick or block, they are finished with a coat of plaster which is called internal plastering. Internal plastering has traditionally been done through a process of sand-cement plastering finished with POP pruning.

This is a two stage process and involves multiple elements like sand, cement and water which is mixed onsite. This form of plastering is being slowly replaced by a direct single coat application of gypsum plaster. So, gypsum plaster is actually a replacement of two processes i.e. sand cement plastering & POP punning. Gypsum plaster is produced as a result of calcinations of the raw gypsum in an automatic kettle under controlled temperature.


  • Available into 25 kgs bags packing.
  • Well suitable with all kinds of paints.
  • Free of shrinkage cracks.
  • Shrinkage crack free surfaces smooth finish & High productivity faster.
  • Direct application on brick, block or RCC, no separate finish product required.
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