Fourth Party Logistics

Raw Edge is an innovation driven enterprise engaged in delivering fully integrated Supply Chain Outsourcing Solutions to large & medium scale enterprises.

A 4PL is an integrator that assembles the resources, capabilities, and technology of its own organization and other organizations to design, build and run comprehensive Supply Chain solutions. Considering the economic conditions of the country and the current state of Raw Material supplies to the large and medium enterprises, 4PL Providers have a potential to take out nearly 16% from the total logistics cost base.

We at Raw Edge Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are focused on providing not just SCM consulting, but consulting services for complete re-engineering of the business process, helping enterprises achieve a competitive advantage through increased visibility over their supply chain. A more comprehensive view of the supply chain allows businesses to trim inventory, streamline logistics, and optimize the efficiency of their work forces/mobile assets as they gain a competitive edge.

Our strength lies in an end-to-end solution based approach, with optimal use of information technology for monitoring, better efficiency & minute-to-minute update which is the key requirement of our clients.

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