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Raw Edge is recognized by the market for its commitment to treating the customers fairly. The company constantly strives to ensure its business management is worthy of customer confidence.

Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Aiming to further improve customer satisfaction, Raw Edge has adopted and focused on strengthening the three major initiatives listed below:

  • After Sales: Providing High quality after sales service to customers
  • Quality: Ensuring the desired quality to assure customer satisfaction
  • Functional: Creating value and product functionality that leads to customer satisfaction

Under these three major activities, Raw Edge is investing in programs to improve product knowledge, technical skills, and customer service skills. In FY 2013, Raw Edge again carried out surveys using its own methods, which were established in FY 2010, to ensure continual assessment of customer satisfaction levels, particularly with regard to after-sales activities.

Raw Edge is also working hard to ensure that customer feedback is always delivered directly to the right place within the company, and to take unified improvement measures.

Raw Edge compiles and analyzes information on customer inquiries. It focuses on early detection, rapid response and prevention of recurrence of problems.

Raw Edge Quality Assurance

In order to deliver products and services that offer reliability and peace of mind to customers, Raw Edge is constantly working on improvements to pursue the best solution for customers.

Quality assurance at Raw Edge

Raw Edge believes it is important not only to provide products and services that delight customers, but also to win acceptance from the whole of society and achieve mutual prosperity. Toward this end, Raw Edge Quality includes everything from the quality of individual products, to environmental protection and recycling. The role of quality assurance is to deliver quality that satisfies customers in every possible way.

After Sales Activities

In order to promote long-lasting relationships of trust with customers, we strive to respond to customer inquiries rapidly, exactly, politely and sincerely. We strive to resolve any issues customers may have.

Customer inquiries and complaints are considered an important customer feedback. After analysing the content of this feedback, the relevant departments work together to implement improvement measures, and these efforts help to improve customer satisfaction for Raw Edge products and services.

Stable Supply of Products

Raw Edge’s primary mission is to deliver the products desired by customers at the right time. The company is working to strengthen its supply chain, and to continue providing products & services without interruption.

Approach to stable product supply

Delivering a stable supply of products to consumers is one of the most important responsibilities of a manufacturer, and is required to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As part of Raw Edge’s mission to provide delight, happiness, and pleasure to customers through its innovative products, the company is promoting the following policies.

Policies on Stable Product Supply

We strive to shorten production lead-time and improve planning and execution accuracy by using IT to streamline the supply chain (procurement-production-logistics-sales-service).

We build good relationships with our suppliers to ensure stable procurement.

We maintain the flexibility needed to address various risks involved in manufacturing by:

  • Building a sound production system
  • Producing multiple products at each Raw Edge Group production site
  • Maintaining production without interruption and ensuring appropriate coordination among key components.
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