CSR Related to Environment

Raw Edge’s goal is to help build a more sustainable world while contributing to the creation of new markets and cultural phenomenon by removing inefficiencies existing in the Industrial Raw Material Market Segment and by using such machineries & equipments in its manufacturing processes which result in least pollution based on the highest legal standards in the country as well as on information from authorities, NGOs and scientific reports. Our restriction list is one of the most stringent ones in the industry.

Living in harmony with nature and preserving the nature

Raw Edge has established a target for implementing the environment impact assessments relating to the operations at its pants & offices. Raw Edge has also ensured awareness among its employees in use of “Paper” & other products which use wood as raw material. Raw Edge is all geared to contribute to biodiversity by ensuring a paperless offices all across the nation. Raw Edge will continue to expand the scope of its studies and action themes in the future in relation to Environment related CSR activities.

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