CSR Related to Security

Raw Edge is a company that provides products, solutions, and service related to industrial raw materials. The company’s officers and employees and all others who handle the company’s information are committed to deepening their understanding of the importance of information security. Based on the Basic Policies for Information Security we seek to maintain and improve social credibility and business continuance by preventing information leakage.

Our CSR policy related to information security applies to all tangible & intangible forms of information. In addition, we also guide all third parties to comply who handle the same information as the company.

Information security framework
Based on the “Basic Policies for Compliance”, we have revised all information management related rules and regulations and have appointed persons in charge of information management across all business divisions. We have established a companywide framework for information security.

Compliance with laws and regulations
We ensure compliance with all laws and regulations related to information security and will honour the contracts with customers.

The management of information
We take measures to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information relating to our customers.

The prevention measures against information security incidents
We do all that is possible to prevent information security incidents. In an unlikely event that an incident does occur, the company will take appropriate actions and formulate appropriate prevention measures.

Information security education
We educate and enlighten all our employees for the purpose of deepening their understanding of the importance of information security and for improving the technology.

Continuous improvement
We endeavour to continuously revise and improve the Basic Policies for Information Security and all related rules and regulations.

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