Grinding quicklime is not a difficult task. The hard part is to do it with minimum pollution, required quality and with compelling economies. Raw Edge has always believed in cost efficient, energy efficient and technologically advanced machineries which cause the least pollution. Raw Edge has increased its output manifolds over the last few years. From the production levels of 75 TPD in 2013, currently, raw edge is producing quicklime powder at 200 TPD keeping the pollution levels at almost zero with the introduction of completely new and technologically advanced Italian machineries.

Raw Edge is also going to set up in the near time an Automatic Vertical Shaft Mix Feed Kiln in Rajasthan having an installed production capacity of 300 TPD.To really understand the company’s value proposition, it is necessary to explain what differentiates Raw Edge from other manufacturers of Quicklime & Quicklime powder.

Historically, in India, of the total lime production, 30% is generated by steel plants having captive lime kilns, and the remaining by the traditional kilns.The Traditional kilns produce 15-20 TPD of Quicklime & there are 1200-1400 such kilns located in Rajasthan.

Traditional Kiln   Automatic Kiln
Inefficiency in production   High Efficiency in Production
Inferior quality of production   Ensuring Superior quality of production
Dependent on international market for meeting demand   Self-Reliance in meeting domestic demand
High cost of Production   Reduced cost of production
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